Coming Soon: The Hellfire

Looks like our friends over at NgMoco have been hard at work yet again this week. As per the picture above we can see that the new weapon being released by Arsenal Megacorp (most likely this Thursday given their new content release cycle) has been dubbed “The Hellfire.” Initially, it looked like the new devilish weapon was based on the rocket launcher chassis, but a closer look says otherwise. It seems that there is one huge main barrel chamber and underneath what looks like either another black barrel or a pump action loading mechanism- Similar to a shotgun?! Who knows. Personally, what I find intriguing is the “Explodes on Impact” subtitle. We already have a gun (i.e. the rocket launcher) that causes splash damage, so will this be of similar fashion… or something more? I’m praying for flying bits of burning shrapnel but that might just be wishful thinking. What do you think?


~ by nonstoprug on March 30, 2010.

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