Bigamy is Having One ‘Eliminate’ Too Many

Ever wonder why there are so many versions of Eliminate in the AppStore? We did too! So we did what any normal person would do when faced with adversity… We contacted NgMoco:) It seems that there are a handful of reasons for having (and keeping) multiple versions of the game on the store. According to an employee (name kept confidential) they admit that having multiple applications serves little to no obvious purpose; However, from their personal experience (as an employee) it makes it that much easier to keep track of each incentive bonus because they each have their own name and thus their own app. We were told that some players also use multiple applications to keep more than one Plus+ ID active on their device to alleviate the hassle of relogging (Never even thought to do that! Good idea though). What’s more is that we were told that some people (raise your hands if you fall into this category) keep copies of each version of the application as a ‘Collectible.’

So there you have it folks! The reason for so many Eliminate applications. Personally, although I can see how it makes things simpler for them, I still think its a pointless endeavor. Just send me my free Powercells via the in-game futuristic messenger pigeon, thus alleviating the hassle of logging out of my game to spend 5 minutes downloading another version.


~ by nonstoprug on March 31, 2010.

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