Riddle Me This – Broken Loot

So, I was recently completing my daily objectives at Arsenal Megacorp today when something very intriguing caught my eye.  I was in Co-Op mode, slaughtering wave after wave of enemy scum, with the luxury of energy on my side, and obtaining mass amounts of credits.  Aside from me bragging about how good I am at this game, there is a point to this blog.  Riddle Me This –  Why is it that, while playing with energy, the employee is able to pick up loot; however, if the employee has already picked up loot from the previous game, and has not yet used it, the drop in the current game is negated and not stacked?  That just baffles me because I sit around and wait for my energy to refill, just so that I can play a Co-Op game and obtain loot; however, if I don’t feel like using something that I’ve received in a previous game, then whatever drops in my current game won’t show up in my inventory.

But the problem goes on.

As seen in this picture, the employee is able to pick up an item, go into their inventory, and only to find the item ‘Grey-ed’ out from being selected.  If that is the case, that means that the employee is not wearing the correct armor or some other unknown variable (because they don’t tell you) and must figure out, by purchasing random gear, which item that armor applies to.  What if I don’t want to go searching for the missing link?  Or better yet, what if I wanted to sell that loot for credits being that is has no use for me?  The answer is simply, “You can’t.” Personally I find it stupid that a drop cannot be used by everyone and items that can’t be used by everyone supply literally no benefit, being that I cannot sell it back and make some sort of profit on it.  Incidently, I wind up wasting my energy for roughly 40 credits and a drop that does nothing for me.  Some riddles just have no logical explanation!!


~ by nonstoprug on March 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “Riddle Me This – Broken Loot”

  1. i was abble to sell the cloaker even though its grayed out and i cant select it. what i did was sell the item below it then because it moves you to the next one up.

  2. Excellent tip Nate. Thanks!!

  3. i think they have fixed it so bots no longer drop cloakers to non cloaking armors. i havent gotten one since i sold the one i got.

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