New Map -Factory

So there seems to be a new map coming out called “Factory” and I have to say that it looks pretty sweet. It is unclear as of right now whether this map is solely for Deathmatch, Co-Op, or both (but if we had to guess, it’ll most likely be a Deathmatch-only map considering when Courtyard was first announced it explicably said “Co-Op” on it). Although we will have to wait and see for the official answer. Here’s some food for thought. It seems to be a bigger map, very big (with respect to the current maps). There seems to be some sort of docking cargo bay and ramps galore, complete with metal sky walks. This is purely my speculation however, and we will have to wait to find out for sure (again, putting my money on a Thursday release). Happy eliminating!!!


~ by nonstoprug on April 6, 2010.

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