New Map -Factory

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So there seems to be a new map coming out called “Factory” and I have to say that it looks pretty sweet. It is unclear as of right now whether this map is solely for Deathmatch, Co-Op, or both (but if we had to guess, it’ll most likely be a Deathmatch-only map considering when Courtyard was first announced it explicably said “Co-Op” on it). Although we will have to wait and see for the official answer. Here’s some food for thought. It seems to be a bigger map, very big (with respect to the current maps). There seems to be some sort of docking cargo bay and ramps galore, complete with metal sky walks. This is purely my speculation however, and we will have to wait to find out for sure (again, putting my money on a Thursday release). Happy eliminating!!!


Moco Shift Monday

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It’s Monday and you know what that means… Time to punch in your time cards and work the Moco Shift at arsenal mc. Tell us what’s different in the comments.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight’s Entertainment, the Hellfire! [Update]

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So as predicted, the all new Hellfire has been released and is none other than a GRENADE LAUNCHER!! (took long enough…) Before we get to testing the new colossal uber-gun please note the description: “Pressure sensitive frag grenades detonate on impact with massive splash damage. Upgradeable.”

I’m curious as to how this is going to work exactly. Doesn’t the rocket launcher’s warheads detonate on impact with massive splash damage (or mediocre damage)? What makes this weapon different? Maybe the grenades are lobbed into the air as oppose to a direct line of fire. Who knows! If you are above level 10, willing to shell out 650 credits and are keen on wreaking havoc to everyone in enemy vicinity then the Hellfire just might be your ticket. We will update this post once we’ve had a chance to test the gun in the battle arenas.

Oh and as an added bonus there is a New Promotion going on: Download & Launch Epic Pet Wars Cryptowl app to receive Limited Time Offer of 10 FREE Power Cells to help you get the new Hellfire weapon (sweet). Download Linked Here


As promised a full test and review. The Hellfire was released with the slogan “explodes on impact”, and, rightly so. The launcher propels a grenade out of the barrel in a “lofty” motion; therefore, it is very different from the rocket launcher (Pretty neat). Following this difference is the fact that the rate of fire is just a little bit slower but that is outweighed by the mass damage caused by the grenades. I would like to point out that the appearance of the launcher on your interface is far from bulky (as I originally thought it would be) in fact it looks inferior; However, once the trigger is pulled and grenades begin to shoot out, the pure annihaltion of everything in your path begins! The Hellfire, even when it’s not upgraded, other than maximum grenade capacity for testing purposes – which only has 1 grenade to start with, proves to be extremely powerful. Does the Hellfire allow for headshots? Doubtful, but not yet proven; However, after testing the launcher for myself, I can assure you that it seems to be worth the investment to purchase, upgrade, and equip!

Bigamy is Having One ‘Eliminate’ Too Many

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Ever wonder why there are so many versions of Eliminate in the AppStore? We did too! So we did what any normal person would do when faced with adversity… We contacted NgMoco:) It seems that there are a handful of reasons for having (and keeping) multiple versions of the game on the store. According to an employee (name kept confidential) they admit that having multiple applications serves little to no obvious purpose; However, from their personal experience (as an employee) it makes it that much easier to keep track of each incentive bonus because they each have their own name and thus their own app. We were told that some players also use multiple applications to keep more than one Plus+ ID active on their device to alleviate the hassle of relogging (Never even thought to do that! Good idea though). What’s more is that we were told that some people (raise your hands if you fall into this category) keep copies of each version of the application as a ‘Collectible.’

So there you have it folks! The reason for so many Eliminate applications. Personally, although I can see how it makes things simpler for them, I still think its a pointless endeavor. Just send me my free Powercells via the in-game futuristic messenger pigeon, thus alleviating the hassle of logging out of my game to spend 5 minutes downloading another version.

Riddle Me This – Broken Loot

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So, I was recently completing my daily objectives at Arsenal Megacorp today when something very intriguing caught my eye.  I was in Co-Op mode, slaughtering wave after wave of enemy scum, with the luxury of energy on my side, and obtaining mass amounts of credits.  Aside from me bragging about how good I am at this game, there is a point to this blog.  Riddle Me This –  Why is it that, while playing with energy, the employee is able to pick up loot; however, if the employee has already picked up loot from the previous game, and has not yet used it, the drop in the current game is negated and not stacked?  That just baffles me because I sit around and wait for my energy to refill, just so that I can play a Co-Op game and obtain loot; however, if I don’t feel like using something that I’ve received in a previous game, then whatever drops in my current game won’t show up in my inventory.

But the problem goes on.

As seen in this picture, the employee is able to pick up an item, go into their inventory, and only to find the item ‘Grey-ed’ out from being selected.  If that is the case, that means that the employee is not wearing the correct armor or some other unknown variable (because they don’t tell you) and must figure out, by purchasing random gear, which item that armor applies to.  What if I don’t want to go searching for the missing link?  Or better yet, what if I wanted to sell that loot for credits being that is has no use for me?  The answer is simply, “You can’t.” Personally I find it stupid that a drop cannot be used by everyone and items that can’t be used by everyone supply literally no benefit, being that I cannot sell it back and make some sort of profit on it.  Incidently, I wind up wasting my energy for roughly 40 credits and a drop that does nothing for me.  Some riddles just have no logical explanation!!

Servers Down Tonight @ 12am PST [Update] Hellfire Released

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Attention Employees!

According to NgMoco and Arsenal Magacorp tweets:

“We’ll be upgrading our servers tonight at 12 midnight PST. Online services will be down for about 15 minutes. See you on the other side!”

Can someone say “NEW CONTENT!!”

We will keep you posted later tonight around the time of the update. My money is on The Hellfire’s release.

[Update] So as promised ngmoco did take down the Plus+ network last night to upgrade their servers. Seems that the beef of the upgrade is developer-end and not user-end (I.e improve connection speeds and loading times as oppose to adding new features). However, as we predicted Tuesday, the Hellfire’s big debut was released last night. Tell us what you think of the all new Hellfire! We will have a full post on it later on today. In the meantime, Happy Eliminating.

The Moco Shift… Reconfiguring the Energy System [Update]

•March 30, 2010 • 4 Comments

This just in! According to the Arsenal Megacorp Blog, management “…will introduce a new work shift to the battle arena.” Long story short, every Monday (aka the Moco Shift), Management will mess around with the energy system in more ways than one in order to give players the opportunity to play and earn even more credits just for working this specialized shift (Pretty sweet, eh?)

The first shift begins today so go try it out and let us know what you think. I will update this post as soon as I’ve worked the shift myself.

[Update] As suspected it seems this new experiment employed by Arsenal Megacorp is a way to increase the amount of games you get for the same 12 powercells in your inventory. I played one game and instead of my bar depleting by 4 powercells (or 1/3 the norm) it has only depleted by 3 powercells (now 1/4 the norm) thus giving me 4 games to play fully charged as opposed to just 3. Neat! Also, the energy recharge time seems to have been lowered to 50 minutes. Is this time change permanent or temporary? Only time will tell!